Women's Health & Weight Loss

Women's Health & Weight Loss

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lose weight by eating ice cream

Want to feel happy with your body again? 
This insanely delicious Shake helps busy woman just like you get their dream body Faster by replacing just one meal a day with A Nutritious & healthy shake!

Powered By Science. Formulated For Women.

Turn up the heat with VENUSPRO™ Thermo Slim Shake. This delicious nutritional, low calorie Shake delivers all of your essential proteins and fat burning ingredients to achieve great results and it tastes insanely great!

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  • Do You Want To Get Better Results?
  • ​Do You Have Trouble Eating Healthy With Your Busy Lifestyle?
  • ​Do You Struggle With Sweet Tooth Or Unplanned Snacking?
  • ​Do You Eat Less Than 4 Times Per Day?
  • ​Do You Tend To Skip Meals, Especially Breakfast Depriving Your Body Of Crucial Nutrients?

if you said "yES" to any of those questions you can unlock the secret Weight Loss tool box. 

Save time and money on meals, replace your breakfast, get more nutrients, fuel your body with quality protein, curb hunger, boost your immune System, and lose more weight all the same time!

VENUSPRO has massive benefits:

Stop wasting time in the kitchen and buying fast foods! With VENUSPRO Thermo Slim Shake you can enjoy limitless food combinations. From delicious weight loss shake, healthy snacks, post workout shake to delicious desserts.

Weight Loss & muscle tone
Perfect to make healthy smoothies and meal replacements
Burn Fat, boost immunity and energy
curb hunger & delicious
get high quality protein in your diet
low in calories & filling

add 1 tub of VENUSPRO, our customer favorite nutritional shake for women, to your order and get more results!

Enjoy The Ice Cream! 
This creamy, delicious premium nutritional weight loss shake mix will have your taste buds exploding with joy!😋😋😋

As you can see: VENUS ARMY VENUSPRO can be a breakthrough for any woman. We are extremely proud. The formula is loaded with premium, high quality, and effective ingredients powered by science. Literally overflowing with results-oriented ingredients formulated specifically for women.

VENUSPRO tastes like ice cream, AND you can easily add your favourite ingredients to change the flavour anytime. We go back and forth between just plain Vanilla Cake mix with almond milk, and the superhero recipe! Choose any you’d like as there are dozens of options to change up the flavour. 

When you taste your new VENUSPRO shake: it will be hard to believe you’re sipping down high quality, weight loss enhancing ingredients. We’ve literally taste tested hundreds of shakes to make sure that VENUS ARMY VENUSPRO was the most delicious on the market without sacrificing quality. 

VENUSPRO combines best natural ingredients for weight loss 

superior quality proteins

Made with natural and plant-based protein to support weight loss, recovery and curb hunger. VENUSPRO™ Thermo Slim Shake delivers all of your essential proteins and aminos. This is as good as protein gets.

nature's best acai berry

Acai is an ultimate superfood. Acai is an indigenous berry found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This fruit has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit.

health boosting green tea

Due to its thermogenic and anti-oxidant properties, Green Tea Extract has also shown to increase antioxidant capacity and protect against oxidative stress.

fat burning cla

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), also referred to as a metabolism supplement, this natural fat burner is required for an active lifestyle and helps with controlling body weight. It helps you to control appetite, reduce hunger, and lose weight.

fat burning l-carnitine

It’s one of the most popular supplements for weight loss and fat burning. L-carnitine helps your body to produce energy by utilising the body’s fat stores allowing you to work-out for longer and ultimately aiding in fat loss.

energy boosting taurine

This vital amino acid can enhance your performance in the gym, reduction of blood pressure, enhanced attention and cognitive performance, and enhanced feelings of well-being.

How to use VENUSPRO Slim Shake:


In the morning to help kickstart your busy day so you can achieve the maximum fat burning potential throughout the day. 

Post workout:

Your VENUSPRO is packed with all essential proteins and natural fat burning ingredients to support recovery and fat loss.

Healthy baking:

Unlike any other shakes you’ve had before VENUSPRO is designed for you to be able to bake with! And it is low in calories. You can try baking healthy brownies, cookies, Waffles and many more. There are limitless recipes for you to try… 

Replace a meal:

No time to cook or meal prep? Not anymore. Just pick the busiest part of the day and have a VENUSPRO shake with some fruits or healthy nuts. Keeping you full for longer and healthy.

Late night snacking/cravings:

Say NO to High Calorie Goal Destroyers! We all have that time where we get tempted to make bad choices. But with VENUSPRO you and crush them with a delicious, low calorie and healthy dessert or snack. You can try making healthy nice-cream, smoothies, pancakes and many more.

venuspro works best if:

  • You Don't Eat Enough Throughout The Day...
  • You Tried To Lose Weight And Failed...
  • ​You Struggle With Sweet Cravings...
  • ​You Have Trouble Eating Healthy On The Go...
  • ​You Don't Have Time To Cook...
  • ​You Have A Very Busy Lifestyle...

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In just 30 Seconds a Day, You Can Boost Weight Loss, add Quality Nutrients to Your Body and 
Feels good!

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